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Increase Your Testosterone


How can you increase your testosterone levels?

If you want to increase testosterone levels, then there are several ways you can do that with different products out of the market. There are patches, creams and pills that can be purchased at any vitamin shop or online. If need be, you can also visit your doctor and get a prescription which will more than likely have produce better results than anything you could find over the counter.


Testosterone – A very effective treatment to increase testosterone levels is by getting injected with testosterone. This can give your levels a much needed spike and is the absolute best way you can increase your testosterone levels quickly and efficiently. Injections will offer longer lasting results because they are quickly absorbed by the body and they are recognizable by the body so they are implemented much quicker too.


roaring tiger patchTestosterone levels can also be raised by using a patch. If this is the way you want to go, then there are two different types of patches that are commonly sold. It just depends on where you want it.  One patch can be placed near the butt, on the thigh or arm while the other patch needs to be directly placed near the genitalia. The patches are not long lasting and will have to be replaced every single day, but research has shown that they do raise testosterone levels significantly.


Testosterone – There are also many different types of pills and supplements which claim to help increase testosterone levels in your body. You might not see immediate results with these because they have to be absorbed through your system first and that could take up to two weeks. Testosterone pills have be taken based on their dosage chart on the bottle. You should always discuss supplementation with a doctor before you start taking them so you can know the cause and effect of the pills. If you are not sure about your prescription, you can always talk with your local pharmacist or just call up your doctor for clarification.


There are a lot of creams that are also available out on the market today that claim to help increase testosterone levels. Creams are nice since they are easy to use and they are designed to be applied on your body, so they are easy to incorporate into your daily routine. Testosterone increasing creams can be found in various formulas and through various manufacturers. Some creams are prescription strength and can only be obtained if you have a script from a doctor while others can be purchased over the counter. If you do not want to try these available manufactured methods you can also try to find an herbal supplement remedy. And because these are herbal remedies, they have not been reported to cause any adverse side effects. If you want to increase your testosterone levels you have many options available to you.  But you should always talk with your doctor before doing or trying anything.

Naturally increasing your semen ejaculation volume is not difficult. Many men are seeking ways to increase their semen volume, and this issue has undergone extensive research. With many men having lower fertility rates, it appears that men’s semen volume and quality have steadily declined over the past few years. Millions of men are seeking the best way to naturally increase their semen volume.

One way that has been tried for years, is to simply abstain from sexual activity for an extended period of time (1-3 weeks). Abstaining will almost always result in bigger ejaculations but only to a certain point. Once the reservoir is full, your body stops producing new semen. Also, very few guys are eager to lay off sex for a while, especially if they are like many men who either have sex or masturbate several times per week.


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